The Most Canadian Photo Of All Time

It's another "Only In Canada" Moment

What do you do when there’s a road closure in Canada because of snowy conditions? You grab the hockey stick from your car and start a road hockey game in the middle of the highway! It’s pretty obvious for us Canadians.

That totally happened over the weekend in British Columbia on the Coquihalla Highway, from the Lower Mainland to the BC Interior. It’s a high-elevation highway that was just getting too snowy and dangerous for driving so the provincial government closed it.

A lot of people had to sleep in their cars overnight and were basically stranded on the mountain top. But during the day you would still think everyone would just huddle up in their cars still but instead they got their hockey sticks out! (because let’s face it – every Canadian has a hockey stick in their car. It should officially be a part of the winter emergency kit in case of an event like this.)

And voila – a game of road hockey went down! And if you look closely, there’s even some flannel in the photo, making it just all that more Canadian.

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