‘The Mighty Ducks’ Might Become A TV Show

A Possible Series Is In Early Development

If you loved watching The Mighty Ducks the first time around, you’re in for a treat. The Hollywood Reporter was told by sources that the Mighty Ducks franchise is in early development of a television series with ABC Signature Studios – a production company under Disney. The 1992 drama regards a youth hockey team and their coach.

As the series is in the early stage of development, a script has not yet been created nor has a network attached itself to the show, though it is likely it will be under the Disney umbrella. Although it is unclear when and how the production will occur, the sequels of the original film were greatly successful, and it is assumed a television series based on the franchise will do so as well.

The buzz on social media about the potential remake has been amazing, but the best response (by far) came from Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt