The Lights Might Be Out For A While Yet

Crews Working To Get Things Up And Running

If you are just waking up because the alarm didn’t go off and the coffee machine’s not working…… your not alone. Close to 7-thousand customers in Barrie and more than 11-thousand in New Techmuseth are still without power. Power Stream is aiming for noon to get things back up and running for both areas. Ice on the lines and and tree branches that caused many of them to fall on lines is what is causing much of the darkness. Crews are aiming to get the power back on by early this afternoon. Traffic lights are not immune to this. If you come across a dark intersection please treat it as you would a 4 way stop.
Inn-power is reporting that the lights have come back on for people in Sandy Cove, Alcona and Innisfil. But others who rely on that power company may have to wait until the end of the day to get theirs turned back on.

The low pressure system that brought the ice storm into the area is leaving us with some high winds today……. wich could cause more trees to come down. 
Police are rescue workers are reminding residents to stay away from any downed power lines. Crews will take care of these.