The Internet Gets to Name April-the-Giraffe’s Baby

...what could go wrong?

Remember last year when the National Environmental Research Council in the UK asked the internet to help name their $250 million boat and the internet picked RRS Boaty McBoatface?

Now, the Animal Adventure Park in New York wants help naming April the Giraffe’s baby calf after she finally gave birth over the weekend. They are letting people suggest names for the baby boy at $1 per suggestion, with a minimum donation of $5. The money goes to a great cause, but letting the internet name anything is a really bad idea.

Next week, they’ll be announcing the top 10 names that got the most votes. Then, the internet gets to vote and one of those names will be the winner.

Surprisingly, Giraffe McGiraffeface is probably not the internet’s #1 choice. Many people are pushing to name the calf Harambe…after the gorilla that was shot and killed at the Cincinati Zoo.

But what is an internet naming session without the standard…

You can suggest names for the baby here!