The Greatest Dads on TV

Fictional fathers who left a lasting impression

It’s that time of year when we give thanks to dad, give props to pop, say cheers to the old man and all that good stuff.

But around here, we think even fictional fathers deserve some respect because, for most of the western world, these dudes set the bar for “Pretty Awesome Dad”.

Sure, they’re not perfect. They all have their flaws. But  at the end of the day or episode…these rad dads were there with a warm hug, a kind word, or a kick in the ass!

Let’s give a big thanks to these TV Dads for being the best guys around. (Tim Allen made the list twice!!)


Red Forman – That 70’s Show



Jason Seaver – Growing Pains



Phillip Drummond – Diff’rent Strokes


Coach Eric Taylor – Friday Night Lights



Ward Cleaver – Leave it to Beaver


Sandy Cohen – The O.C.



Phillip “Uncle Phil” Banks – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air



Jack Pearson – This Is Us



Fred Andrews – Riverdale



Danny Tanner – Full House



Carl Winslow – Family Matters



Phil Dunphy – Modern Family


Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor – Home Improvement



Mike Baxter – Last Man Standing