The Good The Bad And The Impaired

Some Results Favorable Others Not So

Police are please with these results. Over the weekend RIDE spot checks were set up in both Bradford and Innisfil and officers stopped approximately 100 cars. Out of those 100, not one had to give any road side samples and no charges were laid for impaired. South Simcoe Police will be setting up random programs throughout various communities at all hours in an effort to deter drivers from that have been drinking from getting behind the wheel.

Police there say they downright disturbed by what they call a trend and they say it shows no sign of slowing down. In less than 72 hours the York Regional Police arrested 15 drivers for impaired. Of the 15, three were involved in collisions, 8 were caught in RIDE stops and 4 were picked up because a concerned citizen called police to report their behavior. Another incident that concerned police was a man sleeping in his van in a city owned parking lot with an open case of beer in Markham.Police say the man was charged and had his license suspended.