The Golden Goal & How It Lead To 100s Of People Mooning The States — Myself Included

A night I remember so clearly-- it was a night of many full moons

February 28th, 2010. Gold Medal Game. Canada Vs USA. A matchup that is always amazing when it comes to International Hockey. You know what the result was, Sidney Crosby in Overtime burying from a terrible angle and sending the whole country into a party as Canada won Gold on Canadian soil. I remember it very clearly — and what followed…

Team Canada’s twitter account asking where you were for the iconic moment?

I was in Windsor, Ontario in my second year of University, it was a already a big weekend as I had my friends down celebrating as I had just turned 19 a few days before. We were staying at Caesars in Windsor, and after a jam packed Friday and Saturday celebrating, the party didn’t stop as the Gold Medal game was the finale to the weekend. We were watching it at the bar on the gaming floor at the casino with many other hockey fans. Windsor — being a border city had fans from both sides. I remember as the bar was packed and everytime Canada scored a goal, a massive congo line broke out — where all the fans in attendance did a lap. And that wasn’t just for a Canadian Goal, the Americans in the bar quickly copied it. It was truly a Sunday Funday as the party was in full swing as time expired and we knew Over Time was next.

And then Syd did it. The place erupted. I was happy to be there and part of it. We left the casino and headed to Ouellette (main drag in Windsor) where thousands of other hockey fans were storming.  Cop cars, ambulances, tow trucks, any vehicle with flashing lights had them on — and many had drunk dancing Canadian’s on top as well. At one point I remember a marching band came down the street with big drums, which only helped the celebration as everyone just kept singing ‘O Canada’ on repeat.

The party was on. A parade had formed. Where was it headed? I didn’t know and it didn’t matter. I just followed. We went down Ouellet Ave. in Windsor and kept walking all the way to the waterfront. That is where some legend ran out in front of the parade — all the way to the guardrail on the Detroit River — turned around  to face the crowd– dropped his pants — and mooned the States. Took about 1 second for thousands of people to follow suite. I’ll never forget the Golden Goal or the many full moons that night.

Where were you?