The Gloucestershire Cheese-Rolling Event Is Back, With More Injuries Than Ever

The Highlights are a bit cringe-worthy to watch

June 5th held one of the oldest sporting traditions in the world, and although it’s one that isn’t televised and you never mark your calendar for, it’s certainly one you want to see the highlights from.

The Gloucestershire Cheese-Rolling race took place, which includes a group of people chasing a roll of cheese down one of the steepest hills you’ve seen, Cooper’s Hill. It’s also dubbed the ‘most dangerous dairy derby’ (who knew there more than one?).

Apparently, an American Chris Anderson took the top prize, who has done the race 23 times, announced his retirement after his win. But — rather than seeing the winner, you want to see the losers…and there are many of them.

This event that was shut down for 2 years from Covid was back with a vengeance and recorded more injuries than it ever has in the past. Have a look at the SLOW MO highlights below.