The Foo Fighters Pranked Their Audience In Sweden With A Stunt Fall

Those Foo Fighters, They're A Barrel Of Laughs

Dave Grohl fooled the audience at a show Tuesday into thinking he broke his leg for the second time while performing on stage.

At a show in Gothenberg, Sweden where Foo Fighters were playing, the band brought out a fake Dave Grohl on stage during their encore walkout. As the crowd cheered the band back on stage, a stunt double dressed as Grohl came out, slipping on the runwayand falling face first off the stage. To keep things relatively calm, the real Dave Grohl ran out on stage moments after to end the ruse.

The prank was a call back to Foo Fighters’ 2015 show in Gothenberg where Dave Grohl slipped on stage for real, breaking his leg. Grohl was hauled off stage in a stretcher, telling fans he was going to go to the hospital but come back one day. Shortly after Grohl was casted up, Foo Fighters returned to their tour, bringing in a giant rock throne for Grohl to sit in to perform.