The Donald Trump Children’s Cartoon that Never Happened

"Trump Takeover" was almost a thing

Donald Trump once tried to make a children’s TV show called Trump Takeover happen.

The show was created by those once in charge of Trump Magazine and was described as a “TV cartoon for kids, starring The Donald as a wrong-righting, crusading superhero.”

According to Fusion, one of the proposed plot ideas according to one of the shows creators, Mitchell Schultz, was an episode called “Politically Corrected”. America is in a “state of virtual collapse” and Trump and his team (comprised of characters from The Apprentice) “go to Washington to take over.” In another episode, Trump’s team would take control of the stock market, essentially saving the world from “a global financial conspiracy”.

You can check out more images of the proposed cartoon here.

(cover image via Mitchell Schultz and Aron Laikin)