The Cure say their forthcoming album is their “most intense, saddest and most emotional record”

"I suggest a little patience"

The Cure’s Roger O’Donnell has opened up about the band’s highly anticipated new album, saying it will “be an amazing record, I just suggest a little patience.”


In a new interview with Classic Pop, O’Donnell has shared details about what to expect from the new album. “Four years ago, I said to Robert, ‘We have to make one more record,’” O’Donnell explains. “‘It has to be the most intense, saddest, most dramatic and most emotional record we’ve ever made, and then we can just walk away from it.’ He agreed. Listening to the demos, it is that record.”

O’Donnell then went on to say that, “The problem is, it’s 12 years since the last album so it becomes precious. When you’ve got a back catalogue like The Cure, it’s a lot to live up to. Robert has said, ‘if The Cure say any more, it had better be important and it had better be fucking good.’”