Gord & The Christmas Spoon: New Rock 95 Tradition?

It started as a simple question on the radio. What’s the most unique, oddest, funniest, […]

It started as a simple question on the radio. What’s the most unique, oddest, funniest, or most memorable Christmas ornament that you put on your tree? We ask questions of the Rock 95 audience every day, but this one hit different.

We heard about pickles, we heard about mushrooms, we even heard about styrofoam heads from a person who makes wigs for theatre productions. But then Gord called.

Gord used to work on ships that would see him away from home for great lengths of time. It was never a happy time when Gord had to say goodbye, so he tried to lighten the situation once and do something his Mom would laugh at and remember him for.

So, Gord took a random spoon from the kitchen and hid it under his Mom’s pillow, knowing she would find it and shake her head. Well, that she did, but she also vowed to get back at him. She hid the spoon in his backpack the next time Gord had to set sail. Son and daughter would spend the next few years playing a back-and-forth game of hide the spoon, whenever it was time for Gord to go on the boats.

Finally, Gord decided he couldn’t compete with his mother’s charm & creativity anymore, so he suggested a new home for the spoon. Somewhere they would both appreciate it, and think of each other. So Gord fastened some string around the handle and hung it up on the Christmas tree. And that became the new tradition.

Gord’s mother is no longer with us, but Gord says it is still the first and most important ornament that gets put on his Christmas tree every year. And hey, it’s a heck of a story if you read it here…but you have to hear Gord tell it above. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m just a softy, but I find this a touching, warm story that has all the makings of becoming an annual tradition on Rock 95. What do you think?