‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Will Use Blowup Dolls to Film Sex Scenes

Well...that's one way around it!

The Bold and the Beautiful resumed filming earlier this week. It’s one of the first shows on U.S. soil to do so.

Filming will look a bit different for the cast and crew of the show with many new COVID-19 protocols in place on set. The number of people on set will be limited to a certain amount at any time, directors will be 6 feet apart and separated by plexiglass, actors and crew will all wear masks when they’re not actually filming scenes, and everyone will be tested regularly for COVID-19.

The show will be using unconventional ways to shoot intimate scenes. They plan on using  an old doll with makeup and hair to act as a stand-in for the women during love scenes. When possible, production will try to include the real-life spouses of the actors to play body doubles for kissing scenes.

[via NYPost]