The Best Trashed Hotel Story You Will Ever Read

I mean...what did he think would happen?

Nick Burchill was travelling in Darthmouth, Nova Scotia and decided to bring back Pepperoni for his friends and family. He filled a small suitcase with the delicious meat. He was nervous that the pepperoni would go bad and there was no fridge in the room. So he laid it out on a table near the open window in the hopes that the cool April air would keep it fresh.

Burchill left the room for a few hours to go for a walk, and when he got back, there were seagulls everywhere. 30-40 gulls were enjoying their pepperoni feast…and left him many tokens of their gratitude all over the hotel room. He managed to clear all but two out of the room. Burchill successfully eradicated one bird by throwing his shoe at it (both the shoe and the gull went out the window) and wrapped the second in a towel and also tossed it out the window.

He was banned from the hotel for life but returned 17 years after the incident to apologize. He brought a pound of Brothers TNT Pepperoni as a peace offering and was encouraged by staff to book his next stay with them.

[via CBC]