Thanksgiving Food Drive

Barrie Food Bank Pivots to meet Community Needs

Normally around this time of the year, ROCK 95 would have been hosting our annual “Turkey Drop” in support of the Barrie Food Bank, but of course this is 2020 and everything is different these days.  It’s even different for the Barrie Food Bank and how they have to operate these days.

As soon as the pandemic broke out in the Spring, the Barrie Food Bank had to shift gears both in the way they handed out their supply of food to those in need, but also in the way they managed to bring their food supply in.  Even the way the internal opeartions and the Food Bank Volunteers worked had to be quickly changed to accomodate and adapt to social distancing and the proper health protocols that needed to be put into place.

Barrie Food Bank Halfway To Its Goal With Christmas Just Around the Corner – Barrie 360Barrie 360

The Food Bank saw an immediate increase in demand and yet had fewer resoucres to work with.  Incredibly, they have managed to pivot through all of the changes and continue to fulfill the demand in our area.  This year’s traditional Thanksgiving Food Drive has been anything but traditional as they have had to move away from accepting food donations and move toward a financial campaign. Their goal this Thanksgiving was to raise $150,000.00These funds will allow them to keep their shelves stocked as they work with local grocery stores to purchase the food needed to serve to their clients. Their belief is that the funds raised locally should be spent locally to support those who support the food bank.

If you’d like to help support the cause and make a donation, you can click here.


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