Thanks The Don

I am tired of hearing about it …already some time ago. The election south of […]

I am tired of hearing about it …already some time ago.

The election south of the border has NOTHING to do with me. Yet!

We are somewhat affected by American policies, the fluctuation of the Loonie against the American buck and by a few other factors.

As far as the giant soap opera that is unfolding in the path to the White House. (We will never burn it down again!) there are definitely things I like about Trump. And things I like about Hillary. And things I don’t about each as well.

But I have NO idea how one or the other in office will affect me (or us)  in Canada. I don’t have the chance to vote anyway so I make no difference.

I do know a couple of things tho.

Some people I have talked to from the US that are business people are voting Trump.

Below is the brilliant Hillary spin attack on Trump that hits home hard. Good to see she is finally hitting back after all the rhetoric from the hairful wonder.

It makes me realize with every stupid thing that Trump says, it makes ME want to be better. I thank Donald for that exposure he has garnered to give us the following nuggets of stupidity. Here is a clearer example from the Clinton camp:

Thanks Donald. I am working harder on being a better person.

And just because he is Zach. In case you havne’t seen this yet! Cheers