Terry Fox Run

Terry Fox Run is this Sunday

This Sunday, Canadians from coast to coast and in various parts of the world will honour one of Canada’s national hero’s by taking part in the annual Terry Fox Run.

It’s become a fall tradition for many people to come out and support their local Terry Fox Run.  Some people run the route, some walk, some bike or skate board, but all are there for the same reason, to help put an end to cancer and the devastating effect it has on families in every part of the world. terry-fox2

Most people have felt the pain of cancer in their lives, if not for themselves but for someone they know and care for.

There have been great strides made in research since Terry Fox lost his leg to the disease in the 1970’s.  In fact, his prognosis may would been quite different today thanks to the millions of dollars that have been invested into research.  The work needs to continue.  Terry had said that if each Canadian would just give one dollar collectively as a nation, imagine the difference it could make for continuing research.

Terry’s dream continues to live on, and you can help contribute to it this Sunday at Terry Fox Runs held in 9,000 different communities across Canada.  In Barrie, it will be held on Barrie’s Lakeshore.  Registration starts at 8 am.  Last year, the  City of Barrie raised over $111,000.