Ted Nugent Reveals New Album Details!

The Nuge is at it again!

The Nuge is at it again! He’s got a bunch of music in the works and has actually performed a few tracks off the new album, which is titled “The Music Made Me Do It”.

You can watch the title track performed live below!


Here’s some details he revealed about the new album which features a CD, and a DVD copy

CD track list: 
1. “The Music Made Me Do It”
2. “Where Ya Gonna Run to Get Away From Yourself”
3. “Cocked, Locked & Ready to Rock”
4. “Bigfundirtygroovenoize”
5. “I Love Ya Too Much Baby”
6. “Backstrap Fever”
7. “I Just Wanna Go Huntin”
8. “Fred Bear”
9. “Sunrize”
10. “Sunrize Fender”

DVD track list: ‘Live at Freedom Hill, Sterling Heights MI’ 
1. Intro,  “Light My Campfire”
2. “Star Spangled Banner”
3. “Baby Please Don’t Go”
4. “Free-For-All”
5. “Gonzo”
6. “Paralyzed”
7. “Wang Dang Sweet Poon Tang”
8. “Good Friends”
9. “Blues on the Grill”
10. “I Need You Bad”
11. “Hey Baby”
12. “I Still Believe”
13. “Fred Bear”
14. “Motor City Madhouse”
15. “Cat Scratch Fever”
16. “Stranglehold”
17. “Don’t Tread on Me”
18. “Great White Buffalo”