Technology: 20 Years Later

...a rant of sorts.

There’s an old saying “Back in my day.”

It’s commonly used by old people just before they start almost bragging about how hard life was when they were young and it’s often paired with a side of “You don’t know how easy you have it”.

Well. It’s my turn now.

Being on the far left side of the “Millennial” scale…I am seen as old to those on the right. And dammit. They have NO IDEA how easy they have it!

They complain when the internet is a little bit slow.
They whine when an High Definition video has to buffer for a second.
They sulk when a text message won’t send while on a family camping trip.

If only they knew what it was like 20 years ago!


We had to listen to music on Real Player!




What the hell is Apple? Like Macintosh? Why would anyone use that? I have a Dell.




Instant Messaging was done on AOL, if you were lucky enough to subscribe or had a bank of free trial disks.




We would wait for literally MINUTES for a picture to load on our 28.8k Modem




Two words – Netscape Navigator





Playing Solitaire while waiting for EVERYTHING





Big-ass Monitors




And when it came time to do home work. We’d have to beg, borrow or steal to get a digital version of the Encyclopedia Britannica!




One thing we did have though…

Indestructible cell phones.