Takeoff and Landings

The Truth About Airplanes and Your Electronic Devices

There’s a funny video going around the social mediaverse lately about why you can’t use phones on airplanes (video below).
And yes, the rule seems ridiculous at first…but why is the no phones or laptops thing a rule?

And why doesn’t anyone seem willing to give a logical answer?

Well, I’m here to clear all that up!

The reason you’re told to turn your electronics off during take-offs and landings has NOTHING TO DO WITH TECHNOLOGY.

The ACTUAL reason you’re asked to turn them off is simply to make sure they’re stowed away.


Because the majority of airplane crashes occur during take-offs and landings.

SO, in the event of such an emergency, all passengers should be fully aware what’s going on, all walkways should be clear of debris so that no one has any trouble getting to an exit.

That’s it. Plain and simple.

The reason that the devices need to be OFF…is simply so you won’t be enticed to peak.

Now that I’ve ruined the joke…
Here’s the video.

SOURCE: I’m a pilot.