Taggart & Torrens In Barrie Tuesday

Get After It, Bahds

Even if you haven’t even heard of Taggart & Torrens, chances are you know who they are.

Jeremy Taggart is the former drummer for Our Lady Peace, he was a mainstay of the Canadian music scene for more than 20 years. Jonathan Torrens is the guy you remember from just about every Canadian TV show ever made. OK, I’m exaggerating slightly but he was on Street Cents, Jonovision, Trailer Park Boys and Mr. D, just to name a few.

The pair has written a book, Canadianity, which sprung from their podcast. The book “takes readers on a cross country journey“, as they share tales from their experiences of travelling from coast to coast as a musician and as a talk show host. As it turns out, part of Taggart’s journey took place right here in Barrie.

He even held a part time job at the Barrie classic Reggie’s Sandwich Shop…for a while.

TnT will be at the Chapters on Barrie View Drive in Barrie starting from 7 PM on Tuesday, signing books and meeting “bahds“, in what Taggart says will be celebration of this great country.

The outpouring of Canadian appreciation for Taggart and Torrens has been incredible coast to coast, but the reception they receive still surprises them

For more information about the event on Tuesday night, click here