UPDATE: Screening Continues at Gravenhurst Beaches While Suspicious Letter Under Investigation

Sharp Objects Found in Area Waters

June 8th – Gravenhurst continuing to screen the beaches in town, after some sharp metal objects, reportedly sewing needles, were found in area waters. The OPP still not sure if those objects were the result of melting ice depositing refuse or intentional tampering, as police continue to investigate.

June 5th – The OPP say an investigation continues into the material found at area beaches, coupled with a threatening letter sent to local media last month. While police have not determined the validity of the threat, and have yet to discover whether the material was placed deliberately or ended up there during the Spring thaw, but ask anyone who spots anything suspicious at area beaches to contact police immediately.

June 4th – The Town of Gravenhurst has closed ALL area beaches in response to this incident, saying all beaches will be mechanically raked to ensure safety. Volunteer scuba divers will conduct underwater sweeps.

May 31st – The Town of Gravenhurst says Gull Lake Beach is closed after sharp objects were found in the water there. The OPP have yet to determine if the sharp objects found are connected to an alleged threatening letter sent to local media earlier this month. Cleaning efforts are underway at the beach, while the Town asks all postage signage is heeded.

May 14th – A suspicious letter is under investigation by Huntsville OPP. The authorities were made aware of the letter Friday after it was sent to the media. The letter threatens the safety of the beaches in Muskoka and seeks to undermine tourism in the area, while police say the beaches will be closed intermittently as investigators assess the validity of the threat. The Townships of Bracebridge and Gravenhurst report that hazardous materials were located on area beaches in early April, while investigators cannot comment on the type of material found.  Townships say enhanced inspections of the beaches will make sure the sites are safe for beach goers. The OPP confirm they’ll utilize all required resources to determine the validity of the claims that were made. Further information will be provided only as the investigation continues.