Surprise Gone Horribly Wrong

Imagine your grandkids showing up at the airport to 'tag along' on your birthday trip

This video was hard to watch. A Grandpa is minding his business in an airport just reading the paper, when all of a sudden 3 mini humans jump into the frame and shock the Grandpa, almost to death. Next time don’t sneak up on him. The kids are shouting “Happy Birthday!” to the old man and when he asks them if they are joining him for the trip they yell “yes!” — again way too loud. Imagine the horror of being at the airport awaiting your row to be called to board a plan for a birthday vacation just for your grandkids to show up and wreck it all. They even made him cry. Awful.


Family vacation! 🥲❤️ (via Susan Taylor/YT) #grandparents #reunion #wholesome

♬ Originalton – Marvel Fan 💙🤍❤