Surgeons Removed 28 Pounds of Poop from A Man’s Body

He must have been so uncomfortable!

If this doesn’t make you want to eat salad with every meal, I don’t know what will.

Doctors in Shanghai recently removed 30 inches of a man’s colon because it was filled with 28 pounds of poop. The 22-year-old man had been constipated since birth. Doctors at the hospital where he was treated say his abdomen was so swollen that it looked like he was more than nine months pregnant.

The man had to use laxatives throughout his life but the poop still accumulated in his colon. He’s been diagnosed with Hirschsprung disease, a birth defect where the nerve endings at the end of a person’s bowel are missing. Apparently his parents didn’t believe it was a serious enough condition to warrant medical attention.

[via inverse]