Superbowl: You Bet!

Super Pool is Super Cool!

ROCK 95’s Super Pool Party is coming up on Sunday and it makes for the perfect environment for the game.

The NFL’s annual championship has become way bigger than the game itself.  It has become a cultural event with people getting parties together to enjoy some great food, drink and of course betting.  The Superbowl is one of the biggest betting events in the world, not only on the outcome of the game itself on which team will win and point spreads, but there are also all sorts of related fun things to place wagers on as well.

The ceremonial begin-the-game coin toss is a favorite.   Which way will it land?  Heads or tails?  Which team will win the toss.  You can bet on all of this.  Will the national anthem singer go over or under 2:10 seconds to sing the opening anthem?  What colour will the Gatorade be that gets poured over the winning coach?  How many times will the name “Trump” be mentioned during the telecast?  Total number of penalties in the game.  The list is endless.

You can get in on the grid free for a chance to win a  Samsung 60-inch 4K TV and Surround Sound System!   Be at Pie Wood-Fired Pizza Joint on Barrie’s waterfront for a chance to WIN!  Kickoff Sunday is 6:30.  Enjoy the game!