Superbowl? You Bet!

Terry Townsend Wins!

After last night’s thrilling Superbowl comeback victory, a lot of people are collecting their winnings, or paying up on some of the bets they made today.

The Superbowl is one of the most heavily wagered sporting events in the world.  Everything about the game can be bet on from the final score to how long the national anthem will run, to the coin toss, and even odds as to whether the fly-past will be precise or out of sync.

Americans bet close to $5 billion on the various outcomes at the Superbowl.  Some feel it makes the event more exciting.  For Terry Townsend, the last minute of the game must have been very tense.  San Francisco had a chance to make a last minute charge into the end zone to try to win the game and change the score line, but when the drive fell short, it became clear that Terry was in contention to win the GRAND PRIZE (Kansas City ending in a one and San Francisco ending in a 2) and a chance at winning the Samsung 65″ 4K ultra high definition TV in the ROCK 95 2020 Superpool.

It would have been great to be at Terry’s place when the final seconds ticked off the clock and it became clear that the final score would stand at 31-20 which resulted in winning the Grand Prize in the ROCK 95 Super Pool contest!

Thanks to Simcoe Audio Video for providing the TV that made the contest so much fun, and thanks to everyone who took part to help make an entertaining Superbowl game into one of the most exciting finishes for our contest players.

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