Sunglasses Stolen

Police Say 17 Pairs Disappeared From Local Shop

he theft of 17 pairs of sunglasses from the Georgian Mall has police asking the public to keep an eye out.  Surveillance video shows two suspects shopping in the Sunglasses Hut on Thursday and when the employee is busy with another customer one of the suspects opens a drawer and places a box of aviator glasses in his jacket. Barrie Police say the two then leave the store.
Suspect #1:

* Female, white with dark complexion
* Brown long hair, tied in a ponytail
* Medium build
* Wearing a cream knitted hooded sweater, blue jean jacket medium wash, black pants, black shoes with white soles and laces
* Carrying a large black, rectangle bag with shoulder length straps

Suspect #2:

* Male, white
* Brown hair, side burns down to mid-ear and goatee,
* Medium build
* Wearing a green jacket (hip length with two pockets at the front on the bottom, the opening upwards and small white decal on chest right side), dark hoodie, blue jeans, brown dress shoes

Police ask that if you have any information regarding this incident that you call them or crime stoppers.