Summer Games That Dad Will Love

Mom? Maybe not so much

Now that school’s done, the transition awaits. The transition from the excitement of being on summer vacation, to the boredom nothing to do.

Here are 4 games made for kids and dads to share together, to not only entertain, but to help bond.


How long can daddy nap

Kids will love this. Get them a stopwatch, and have them time you on how long they can let you nap.

Tomorrow, they try and break that record.


Walk on daddy’s back

(Photo by Jonathan Musser via Flickr)

This can be an on going game, depending on how daddy feels. Kids take turns walking on daddy’s sore back. That’s it…that’s the game.


Distract Mommy

(Photo by Tim Bueneman via Flickr)

This one’s fun. You try and watch the game, while your wife tries to ask you to do something.

Have the kids distract mom in anyway they can. “Mom, my arm hurts,” ” Mom, there’s something under my bed.” Bonus points for creativity.


Get me a beer

Photo by Dan LaVange via Flickr)

Kids need to pay attention for this, timing is everything.  Dad’s going to relax with a beer. The object is to get dad a beer without him asking. So wait till he’s running low…then make your move. First one to act…scores points.


Winner at the end of the summer gets 5 bucks!

Main image via Joe Green