Summer Drink Ideas

Alcohol and childhood flashbacks... what could go wrong

Everyone likes a good drink on the deck, pool, or beach. So why not get a few ideas and enjoy your summer more this year!


Georgian Bay Gin Smash & Vodka Smash

I’m not a big Gin fan, but DUDE these things actually rock, they have a really nice hint of sugary fruit and then the carbon takes over. Seriously a summer favorite for myself








Craft Ontario Beers

The list of these guys can go on, from Creemore Springs, to our own locally operated Flying Monkey. There’s hundreds to try out!


Smirnoff Berry Blast Vodka

This stuff.. it’s like those rocket pops you had as a kid made a beautiful baby with vodka. Seriously, you want a summer drink idea.. here ya go. Jake O’Keefe approved, they taste WAY too good.