Student Predicts Cubs Win World Series

Prediction was made in 1993!

A 7th and deciding playoff game in any sport will draw the ultimate amount of drama, but 2016’s World Series finale to be played tonight in Cleveland has some added intrigue.

Back in 1993, student Michael Lee allegedly predicted in his yearbook picture that the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series in 2016.  “You heard it here first” the banner at the bottom of his picture declared.


While the prediction first came to light and looked interesting at the start of the World Series, Cleveland took such a commanding lead (3 games to 1), it looked like the playoff prediction that would have been so cool to come true from the 90’s was destined to be a lost story never to be told again.

While hope seemed to be lost as well for Chicago fans by game Game 5, their team managed to battle back against all odds and with their backs to the wall through the next two consecutive games and have managed now to come back and tie the series at 3 games apiece to set the stage for a thrilling game 7 showdown tonight in Cleveland, and along with it if the Cubs win, the possibility that if this is a real story, Michael Lee knew this was going to happen all the way back in 1993.