Stripper Hired As Entertainment For Old Folks Home NSFW

Maybe Don't Watch This During Work

People need to be entertained. We can all agree on that right? Good…because there will be some disagreement coming up.

An old folks home in Taiwan has been apologizing, mostly to the internet, about the entertainment they hired for their seniors which included an adult performer. The scene is quite funny and everyone in the video seems to be enjoying themselves, which should mean it was a successful ‘party.’

However the internet has been extremely vocal saying how inappropriate the dancing was. The old age home knew who they were hiring, this wasn’t a mistake, they wanted an adult performer.

The biggest mistake the staff made at the old folks’ home was filming it…was this supposed to be recorded so that at the Christmas party they could show it off? Maybe send it to all the families to show them what their grandparents have been up to and how much fun they are having…nothing warrants filming it.