Street Performers in Barrie Now Take Digital Tips

You can tip musicians digitally using the cryptocurrency PIVX

Instead of throwing loose change in a guitar case, street performers in downtown Barrie will take your tips digitally. The pilot program comes from Barrie’s Emerging Musicians initiative which involves 15 local musicians playing from Tuesday through to Sunday each week until the end of summer. Each musician will have a QR code with them that you can scan for a tip.

“One of the challenges faced by street performers today is that many people only carry credit and debit cards.”

Chad Ballantyne, Marketing and Community Manager of PIVX said in a statement,“The PIVX community is excited to see how this small integration could be a catalyst for transforming our downtown economy, helping citizens embrace this technology and further elevating Barrie as an innovative city.”

You can support the emerging artists by clicking on these links.

Kalliszta Zorgo

Alyssa Tess

Brandon Pellatt

Madison Mueller

Melina Melle

Molly McNulty

Kasey Kohring

Ian Haworth

Tori Hathaway

David Fyffe

Sheldon Forget

Amariah Faulkner 

Karyssa Enick

Emma Duffy

John Anderson