Storytellers More Attractive To Women

Men who can spin a good take more desirable - study

Here ya go guys, the thing that will make you more attractive to women. Storytelling. Women told researchers at University of North Carolina guys who are good storyteller as are more desirable – 29 percent more desirable than the less-skilled guys. Study authors say conversational skills signal you’re intelligent and socially adept – qualities that make you a good partner. And which anecdotes work better than others? Those that boosted a man’s sex appeal, got right to the point and contained vivid word choices and specific details were most successful. Bad stories tend to ramble on, are vague and include unimaginative vocabulary. If you plan to talk about a camping trip, for instance, the sentence “From the time we left the dock, it seemed like we were cursed” is better than “I think it started out bad.”

photoChris Young via Flickr