Another Storm Day!

Ski and Snowboard Resorts, Snowmobilers, and Ice Anglers Happy

After their two week Christmas break, the kids just got back to school yesterday, only to have a storm day today.  More snow.  Then rain, followed by colder temperatures and yes, more snow is on the way.

We’re having an old fashioned Canadian winter.  There’s no doubt we have already surpassed last year’s entire winter snowfall amount and it seems we’re out in the driveways almost daily these days shoveling and snow-blowing to get our cars out on to the roadways to get to work.  The skiers and snowboarders couldn’t be happier.  The snowmobilers are finally going to have a decent season and even the ice anglers are hoping for one of the best season’s yet.

It all spells great news for our winter economy and increased tourism in our part of Central Ontario, but for the day to day getting around town and trying to cope with the almost daily 10-15 cenetimetres of snow we seem to get, it starts to wear on you and thoughts of how many days are there left until Spring start coming to mind.

I’m getting to the point that I’m digging my driveway out now in 6′ x 4′ strips.  That way, if I have a heart attack, they can just bury me right there.  By the way, in case you were wondering.  70 days left to go.