Stolen Fried Shrimp From The Office Fridge

Tweet goes viral!

Have you ever had your lunch stolen from the office fridge?

A tweet went viral last week from comedian Zak Toscani that said his co-worker got their lunch stolen from the office fridge. He stated his employer allowed for the employee to look at security tape footage during the hour the lunch was stolen. That lunch happened to be pretty epic by the way: shrimp fried rice! Toscani basically live-tweeted the events that went down turning into a hilarious investigation!

Click the tweet below to see the whole thread.

Whether this was made up or real, the Twitterverse certainly seemed to relate to it with thousands of “stolen lunch from the office fridge stories.”

It turned out the person who stole it, ended up throwing it out.

This is why I bring a lunch bag to work, like I’m in grade 4, put an ice pack in it and not put it in the office fridge. I would be so hangry if anyone took my food!