Steven Avery’s Request For A New Trial Has Been Denied

"Making A Murderer" Subject Will Continue Serving Life In Prison

Steven Avery’s chance at freedom has yet again been squashed. According to Milwaukee ABC affiliate WISN, Steven Avery’s request for a new trial has been denied by Circuit Court Judge Angela Sutkiewicz.

Avery became a household name as the focal point of Netflix’s true crime documentary series Making a Murderer. The show followed his lengthy trial for the murder of Teresa Halbach and a subsequent sentence of life in prison. The show questioned Avery’s guilt, hinting at a possible conspiracy against him by way of the Manitowoc Police.

The show gained Avery widespread attention from fans and legal advocates, starting a movement of intense public pressure to exonerate him. One of which is his recently acquired lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, who has repeatedly filed motions to exonerate him and bringing forward what she described as “a substantial amount of what [the defense] calls newly discovered evidence.”

Unfortunatley for him, the court has doubled down on the decision to deny a new trial, stating:

Furthermore, a Motion to Reconsider is not the appropriate forum for the court to consider new arguments based on a defendant’s additional arguments for a new trial.

See the full statement by the court here.