Start Talking Cup


On behalf of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Simcoe County Branch, we would like to thank you for your support of the 2nd Annual Start Talking Cup on January 18th 2016. The AAA Minor Midget Barrie Colts and the North Central Predators will face an epic battle for the coveted Start Talking Cup and bragging rights until 2017!

The Start Talking Cup was organized by dedicated staff, volunteers, coaches and community partners who
share a passion and commitment to improving the mental health of our young athletes. All proceeds raised from this event directly benefit the Start Talking Campaign and will stay directly in
our community. Start Talking’s goals are to reduce the stigma related to mental health and increase service options and the use of services for the members of our community.

Start Talking is committed to increasing mental health awareness through education and training, promotion, community events and fundraising. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will help us ensure mental health is part of everyone’s health conversation.
Start Talking!