St. Joe’s Band Goes On Tour: Visits local elementary schools

by Parker Manktelow - St. Joseph's Catholic HS

Mixmaster Morris once said, “Music is for sharing with people,” and that is exactly what the St. Joseph’s Elementary tour has done once again. Music teacher and conductor, Ms. Tamburri, along with 30 talented musicians from St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Barrie, travelled to local elementary schools to showcase their talents and offer a glimpse of the music program available for all students when they get to high school.

The band toured five schools in three days, playing their best songs from “Let it Go” to “Star Wars.” While visiting Sister Catherine Donnelly Catholic school, the band was welcomed by students singing along to classics like “Y.M.C.A.” Ms. Cherwaty, a teacher at the elementary school, recalled how excited the students were listening to the band, “It was so fun to see our whole student body rocking out and dancing together while we were being entertained by such great musicians!”

Other Catholic schools that were lucky enough to host the band were St. Marguerite d’Youville, St. Monica’s, Monsignor Clair, and St. Mary’s, and each one was sad to see the enthusiastic instrumentalists go. When student Owen M. was asked what he liked most about the experience, he quickly answered, “The drummer! When I’m in the band I already know I want to be a drummer!” The purpose of the tour was to promote the music department and shed light on the amazing arts program offered at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School Students in Grade 8 were encouraged to pursue music in high school and learn how to play one or more of the many instruments available.

As usual, the Jaguar band captivated their audiences and delivered showstopping hits that influenced and amazed students and teachers alike. Way to go, SJO!