Springwater Asking County To Back Up Their Case For New Facility

Municipality Wants To See Evidence Before Giving Go Ahead to Organics Processing Facility

The county has settled on a new organics processing facility site, but the site’s municipality has some misgivings. The facility is proposed for a tract of land along Horseshoe Valley Rd. in Springwater, but last night Springwater Council voted unanimously to request the County complete a comprehensive business case as to why it should be located there. They’re asking this business case be presented to County and Springwater Council, and members of the public, and should include risk analysis, operating costs, and financing options. Simcoe County this week said the site was chosen out of over 500 potential locations, for it’s central location and easy access to both the 400 and Highway 27. The site proposal has yet to be approved by any level of government, but is expected before County Council on Monday. The facility would be in charge of processing organic, or green bin, material. No landfill is proposed for this site.