Speeding Drivers A Concern As School Year Set To Begin

Too many drivers ignoring posted speed limits

Aug 28

South Simcoe Police urging drivers to let up on the gas.

Five drivers were stopped on Dissette Street in Bradford in an hour Sunday for exceeding the posted speed limit.

This after we passed on speeding concerns from South Simcoe’s finest about the six speeding charges laid in just over two days last week (see below) in Innisfil and near Cookstown.

Aug 25

South Simcoe Police have ramped up their traffic surveillance on the streets of Innisfil and Bradford after six people were charged with speeding in less than three days last week.

Six speed-related offences in a little more than two days are too many.

Two Thornhill men, ages 17 and 19, were charged Wednesday with Stunt Driving Race A Motor Vehicle in a Community Safety Zone and Speeding in a Community Safety Zone after two vehicles were clocked at more than 100 kilometres an hour in a 50-zone in Stroud.

An hour later a 19-year-old Toronto woman and 36-year-old Barrie man were charged with Speeding on Innisfil Beach Road.

And Friday evening, two drivers were ticketed for Speeding on Highway 89.

Road safety is a shared responsibility and it’s up to all drivers to do their part by obeying posted speed limits and not driving distracted or impaired.

With students returning to school in just over a week, South Simcoe Police remind everyone the streets will be busy with excited children and increased traffic. Officers will continue to maintain strategic enforcement to ensure the summer ends safely for everyone and that back-to-school is not marred by tragedy.