South Simcoe Police Keeping Busy

Speeding Tickets, Drunk Drivers, Court Date Dodgers

If you got a speeding ticket in Bradford on Tuesday, you’re not alone. Thanks to a blitz by three South Simcoe Police officers, 52 traffic tickets were handed out. The trio teamed up over a seven hour period to enforce speed limits around Bradford, reminding folks in winter conditions it takes longer to stop if you’re speeding.

South Simcoe Police’s RIDE program nabbed another one. Just after midnight this morning, police were spot checking vehicles along Dissette St. in Bradford when a vehicle approached. Officers say they could smell booze on her breath, and a roadside breathalyser test agreed. Further testing back at the station lead to a DUI charge laid against a 31-year-old Pefferlaw woman.

A surprise visit for South Simcoe Police. They’re saying a 34-year-old Toronto woman showed up at the stationhouse today to turn herself in. Back in May, she was charged with Drunk Driving, and missed her November court date. She will answer to not only the Drunk Driving charge, but a new one of Failing to Appear in Court at a new future court date.