Song Sucks But The Video Was A Nice Return For Megan Fox

Did you have a celebrity crush growing up?

Megan Fox was a big name when I was growing up — or so I thought. Transformers was like the biggest movie of the year in 2007 and Megan Fox was what every teenage boy dreamed of. And then after that she fell off. Did a string of terrible movies and then showed up on New Girl for a season or so. She had big potential to me but didn’t really go anywhere with it. And now, years later — to see her name trending on twitter I thought what is going on!? Well the news is she stars in a new music video. Not the amazing role but whatever. She’s 34 now and looks fantastic. Honestly looks like she has barely aged from the Megan Fox I admired in high school. Did you have a celebrity high school crush that you’ve kept tabs on throughout your life? Don’t get creepy with that either.

She stars in Machine Gun Kelly’s new video, and the video is alright. The Song sucks and I would recommend keeping it on mute but check out the video out to see how a 34 Megan Fox turned out.

Machine Gun Kelly who portrayed Tommy Lee in the Motley Crue Biopic, who I thought used to be a rapper, is now releasing terrible pop music. At one point I wanted to like him and I could get beyond his name but this song is terrible and I truly hope you didn’t listen to the song.