Someone Once Held William Shatner’s Skivvies Hostage

Well, that's one way to get his attention

William Shatner told the bizarre tale of how he once got his underwear stolen out of his hotel room during’s 20th anniversary breakfast at Tuscany Steakhouse earlier this week.

He says he was staying in a hotel and was downstairs entertaining. When he went back up to his room, all of his underwear was gone. Someone had broken into his room and stolen his underwear. A woman called his room and told him it was her, and that she would only return his undies if he signed some memorabilia for her. He agreed to meet her in the lobby.

He went downstairs and saw she had a pile of items for him to sign. When he refused to sign everything she opened her shirt and said, “Well, sign this!”. At that point, Shatner says he grabbed his skivvies and ran. He still has no idea how she got into his hotel room.

(cover photo via Gage Skidmore flickr)
[via pagesix]