Someone Chopped off Norway’s ‘Penis Rock’

Reattaching the phallic rock will cost about $30,000

Norwegian police are looking for the vandals who chopped off a rock formation that resembled an erect penis.

Trollpikken rock was a popular hiking/climbing spot and one jogger noticed the rock was no longer aroused while on a run over the weekend. He told authorities that it looked like someone had used a drill to weaken the rock.

#trollpikken er nede, men det loves at den skal komme fort opp igjen! #egersund #norge #norway

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One contractor has come out saying he could re-attach the erect rock but it would cost about $30,000. A crowdfunding campaign has raised almost all of the money needed to repair the formation.

[via Mashables]
(cover photo via Trollpikken facebook)