Some South Simcoe Residents Without A License Now

Traffic Stops in Bradford, Innisfil Result In Slew Of Charges

A drug bust in Bradford thanks to a sharp eyed officer. Around lunchtime yesterday, a plain clothes detective spotted a guy driving around, despite the detective believing the dude was under suspension. A uniform officer was called in, and when they went to stop the suspect vehicle, the driver allegedly reached around back before pulling over. Police went to see what he was reaching for, claiming they found some cocaine. A 38-year-old Bradford man facing a few Criminal and Highway Traffic Act charges, while his car was impounded for a week.

Meanwhile, a girl from Innisfil lost her ride for a week too, over allegations of street racing. South Simcoe Police say they clocked a vehicle at speeds of 139km/h, which is just shy of 60km over the posted limit along Yonge St through Innisfil. A 23-year-old woman also had her license suspended on the spot.