So, What’s The Deal With Trash Collection?

County collectors falling behind

There hasn’t been a garbage day since Christmas when collection hasn’t been delayed somewhere in Simcoe County. residents have been asked to leave their trash out in the evening – sometimes the next day – so collectors can get caught up. So what’s the problem? County Warden Gerry Marshall sent an email last night with an explanation:

“The large volumes of holiday waste combined with recent severe snowstorms and extreme cold temperatures are affecting our ability to catch up.  The severe cold negatively impacts the collection vehicles and the safety of collection crews.  Holiday waste volumes and snow-covered materials significantly increase the servicing time required for collectors; just an extra 10 seconds at each pick-up location adds up to 2.5 extra hours of collection time to each route and increased trips to discharge material also reduces on-route collection time.  We thank you for your patience as we work to catch up.”

Remember, too, garbage is being collected a day late this week, anyway, due to the New Year’s Day holiday on Monday.