So, What’s It Really Like In Santa’s Workshop?

by Kayla McBride - St. Dominic's Catholic SS

Have you ever wondered what Santa’s workshop is like? Is it similar to the movies, with elves busily running around, smiles everywhere and Christmas music to enjoy? Possibly. We may never know. Until then we need to use our imagination to share our vision with others, much like they did recently at Monsignor Michael O’Leary Catholic school in Bracebridge.

On December 9 families and friends were invited to Monsignor Michael O’Leary school to participate in an event that reminded many people of Santa’s workshop. It was their annual Christmas Craft Night. Parent council planned this event for weeks – for many it is the Christmas event of the season!

When families walked into the school, they were immediately greeted by smiles, Christmas joy and gift baskets. Gift baskets? Yes, themed gift baskets of all sorts were raffled off – family night, crafts, baking, spa, handyman and Christmas decor – there was something for everyone!

The school gym was packed with fun activities that everybody in the family could enjoy. Pine cone reindeer, marshmallow snowmen and Christmas cookies are only a few of the stations around the gym that were among the most loved by visitors. On the stage was none other than Santa himself to take family pictures and getting one last good word in before Christmas. No matter what treat you made to take home, or whether you won one of the amazing gift baskets, everyone had an amazing time!