Snake Vs Dog — The Result You Want

Snake shouldn't have been on the trail...

I hate snakes. I get it — there is a place in the ecosystem for snakes to exist but that doesn’t mean I have to like them. They are not as bad as spiders but they are up there. Definitely make the podium for nastiest creatures. So when I saw a video of a Dog Vs a Snake I was a little hesitant thinking — better not be a big snake because, well, you know. But in this case the dog is bigger than the snake and I have easily watched this video 10 times over. Snakes have done anything personally to me and I dislike them mostly based on appearance, which is very shallow. However, when it comes to animals we are suddenly allowed to be shallow.

*Warning* There is NSFW language at the beginning of this video, but after that, buckle up.