“Smart” Water Meter Rollout To All Of Orillia Set To Begin

Upgrade to provide higher level of service

The City of Orillia has awarded the contract to outfit all homes and businesses in the town with smart water meters which improve the way meters are read, how consumption is monitored and help with troubleshooting. Residents will be better able to track their usage and set up their own threshold notifications. Installations, by Wamco Municipal Products, will take place through 2018.
“Upgrading to smart meters is better for the environment and provides our staff with tools to provide a higher level of service to property owners,” said Mayor Steve Clarke. “We will now have the ability to monitor in real-time and receive notifications for unusual usage, allowing staff to catch potential leaks and provide early notification to the owner.”  The City implemented its first phase of smart metering in 2015 concentrating on commercial and new residential properties.