Slew Of Charges For Biker After Tour Through Clearview

Police Say Speeding Motorcycle Tried To Blow Through RIDE Check

A Blue Mountains biker is looking at a few charges after a high speed chase through Clearview. OPP say around 12:30 this morning, they spotted a motorcycle speeding along Highway 26 near 27/28th Sideroad, and when they tried to stop it, the vehicle stepped on it and sped off. Police backed off for safety’s sake but caught up to the motorcycle again in the Concession Road 6 and Poplar Sideroad area, where police already had a RIDE spot check set up. They say the biker tried to veer around the parked cruisers there, but lost control. That’s where officers learned not only did the driver not have insurance, but the plate on the bike wasn’t registered to it. A 26-year-old man is facing a long list of charges.